Do you have an idea for a new product or service that could revolutionize the way people live?

VICI Labs grows ideas

into opportunities,

and vision into value.

If you're an innovator, Veteran, or an active member of the armed forces, or spouse, you've already discovered that you can do more than you ever imagined.  You have the proven ability to commit to an idea and an ideal. You know how to transform circumstances into opportunities through inventiveness, agility, and passion. You are a leader who can transform Vision into Value.

If you have a vision for a new product or service, it's time to supercharge your future by applying that same enthusiasm and discipline to your idea. VICI Labs helps veterans and active members of the armed forces, transform their current Vision into future Value.


The first round of transforming ideas into products, inventions, and businesses is already underway. We want your idea to grow with us, get investment funding, and become a vibrant new company.  We want your idea to grow into something amazing!

We understand innovators because we are innovators. We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.  We understand veterans because we are a team of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

We believe in you and your idea. We never sell your personal information. We protect your idea, your vision, and your value.

Here's how VICI Labs turns innovators with a vision into entrepreneurs:

You're in control at every step of the process, we only move forward to the next step with your approval.

We run your idea though VICI Labs ideation algorithm, a unique data-driven process that uses Artificial Intelligence, data-mining and custom heuristics to asses the potential impact of your idea. We compare your idea to other idea categories and examine how to best exploit your concept's potential. Then, we provide that assessment back to you.


You are an innovator, Veteran, or an active member of the armed forces, or spouse with a great idea that solves a challenging problem. VICI Labs can help you turn your idea into a high-performance product, service or business and turn your Vision into Value.


Use the 'Submit an Idea' form on this site to tell us about your idea. We never sell your personal information. We protect your idea, your vision, and your value.


If your idea is within striking distance of your target, we employ our unique Collective Intelligence (CI) process, using human intelligence, competitive information, predictive analytics, and cutting-edge unstructured-data mining tools to determine how the idea can evolve to achieve maximum impact. We provide that assessment to you.



If the product ranks high for potential success, we work together to develop an initial business plan, production plan, and marketing plan, and prepare for investor meetings. Once the investor value proposition is mature, we align the presentation with VICI Labs trusted ‘tribe’ of experts and investors to attain the first round of funding. In some cases, we match you with a "Steward" - an experienced entrepreneur to help move the idea forward. The steward stays involved until they are no longer needed.


With the second round of funding, we work with you to develop, refine, and test the product/service, and build and execute the marketing and sell plan. As the business moves forward we conduct recursive results-analysis of the business to create a cycle of continuous improvement. If necessary, a third investment review is conducted by our VICI Labs trusted ‘tribe’ of experts, champions and investors to determine the steps required to secure strong market positioning.


With the first round of initial seed funding in place, we work with you to market-test your idea and run pilot product/service simulations to make sure that we are seizing every opportunity for success. Then, we conduct a results analysis and mature the key performance metrics, refine the business plan and assemble the management and technical staff that will carry your product, service, and/or business to market. We work with you to develop an investor pitch for the second round of funding.


As your product/service and/or business grows we look for expansion and exploitation opportunities. We work with you to develop a two year strategic plan option and begin the process for either continued organic growth, sale or merger of the enterprise. At this point your idea is now your business.


Congratulations, and welcome to the ranks of successful entrepreneurs!




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