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We transform business ideas into business dynamos by generating value thorough our unique ideation and business creation algorithms. Our approach puts our innovators first; we provide the evolutionary and revolutionary environment, the expertise, stability, and professional direction needed to achieve breakthrough results. We are proud to help our clients develop ideas that make a difference to accelerate performance through imagination.


Worldwide, 1 in 5 people do not have access to clean water, yet water is everywhere. In regions of the world where only dirty disease ridden water is available, women and girls spend 4-6 hours every day collecting and carrying this water for drinking, bathing, and, cooking. WaterSeer implements an innovative approach to accelerate the collection of pure water right where they live through condensation of atmospheric water vapor without power, pollution, without continuous costly maintenance or initial investment. The WaterSeer line of products includes small, individual and emergency devices and large scale urban, marine, and riverine systems.





















Bountiful power is the source of endless wealth.  PowerMax generates non-polluting electrical and mechanical power anywhere without an outside power source. PowerMax uses a closed thermal liquid system using ambient heat and natural sunlight. It can be produced inexpensively anywhere and is non-polluting, low maintenance, and the power produced can be stored indefinitely without loss.



Personal security threats are growing exponentially. Protector uses your personal phone GPS, camera, and passive facial recognition to identify, track, and provide proximity warnings of stalkers, criminal predators and personal threats. Bluetooth data sharing between accepting phones alerts your colleagues and can interrogate and tag phones of hostile agents.



 Misuse of dating applications exposes vulnerable sexual targets to personal and physical risk by predatory abusers.  Gabby tracks and collects dating invites, winks, and queries, builds profile, and shares profile data with friends allowing shared personal assessments of individual reputation and intent.



 Your health is your most important personal asset.  HealthBuilder is a lightweight portable non-invasive sensor that measures, tracks, graphs, analyzes and reports key health metrics (organ, blood, and urine health indicators) during normal daily activities without human interaction and sends tabulated data to your phone, including specific alerts for personal health concerns (blood sugar, alcohol level, urine toxicity, etc.)  HealthBuilder activates on contact with human tissue, fluids, or exhalations, can be used anywhere and is both rechargeable and disposable.



 Crowdfunding is democratizing individual investment and wealth development, previously available only to wealthy insiders to small investors.  AutoInvest takes a discretionary fraction of each personal credit card transaction, and makes small targeted investments in crowdfunding opportunities based on your personal investment protocol.  Results, trends and forecasts are reported daily, along with all financial data for quick retrieval and record keeping.



Innovative, unbreakable Chain Blocking privacy protection process that instantly secures each individual financial transaction without exposing identify of any party to the transaction.  Avatar uses the transaction unique GPS location, transaction time, and unique prime number to generate any length numeric tag for each transaction, decipherable only by personal PIN, which can be changed on demand, and back-channeled to previous transactions.





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